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The challenge

When you receive the plugs, you have a few days to install them (and download the app). Your cycle starts at a specific date, that’s when you have to be plugged in and ready. Click here to see when your cycle starts and ends.

Once a cycle ends you have to hand over the plugs to the next player. You have up to one week for that.

Of course, you can plug in early but you should try not to plug in late. In order to establish a decent benchmark for the average electricity consumption of your appliances, a 4-week monitoring period is needed. After 4 weeks of observing how you use electricity, you will become active (we will help you do that).

We will send you tailor-made recommendations to save electricity; you can implement them and see how that influences your appliances’ consumption. Via the app, we will provide you with an overview of electricity and cost savings at the end of each month.

When each member of your team has taken part in their cycle, we will analyse the data and determine the winning teams. You can see on the app if you are the first, second, third, fourth or fifth player of your team.

If you are the fifth player, you have to send/bring the equipment back to adelphi in Berlin, ANEA in Naples, or Brussels Environment in Brussels.

Energy saving tips

Privacy | Security of your data

We take data protection seriously. Your personal data will be processed, stored, protected and deleted in harmony with the relevant national and European regulations. In a nutshell, your personal information will be collected separately from the usage data that we record, so that data anonymity is guaranteed. If you have questions on how we handle your data, please refer to the data management plan or contact our data protection officer.

Your participation is voluntary and you can end it at any time.