Data protection

  • Where is my personal data stored ?

  • Where is my usage data stored ?

  • Do any third parties have access to my usage or personal data ?

Installing the domino system

  • Can I use the DOMINO system without private Wi-Fi ?

  • Which number on the stretch is the stretch ID ?

  • What is the maximum distance between the DOMINO stretch and the grey plug, that I have to plug in first ?

  • What is the little black button on the stretch for ?

  • What to do if my smart plugs are not recognized by ( visible in ) the app ?

  • Will there be data confusion if my neighbour takes part in the Challenge at the same time?

  • Can I use adapters with the Smart Plugs?

  • What to do when I do not have 5 of the recommended appliances at home?

  • Can I use the Smart Plugs for built-in devices (e.g. washing machine, dishwasher, fridge)?

  • What is the devices' maximum power supported by the Smart Plugs ?

  • What is the optimal distance between the Stretch and the Smart Plug+ (the grey plug)?

Leave the challenge

  • Can I leave the DOMINO challenge after registration is closed ?

  • How can I delete my account ?

  • Who is funding the DOMINO challenge ?

  • Who is responsible for the DOMINO challenge ?

  • Who is the manufacturer of the DOMINO system?

Legal issues

  • Who is responsible for any damages to the DOMINO system ?

  • Is there insurance for any damages related to the use of the DOMINO system ?

  • Is there a European certification of the Smart plugs ?


  • How do I win a prize ?

  • How can I find out if my team won the DOMINO Challenge ?

  • Where can I see my team ranking ?

  • What is the prize ?

  • How will I receive my prize ?

  • Where can I redeem my voucher ?


  • Is there an age limit for taking part in the DOMINO challenge ?

  • Can I change my registration email address ?

  • Are there any costs for taking part in the Challenge ?

  • How can I withdraw my registration ?

  • Do all members of a household have to sign up?

  • What is my email address for the login?

  • How can I change/reset my password?

  • Where can I find the stretch ID?

  • How to define my password?

Team building

  • How can I invite new team members ?

  • Who can participate in the challenge ?

  • Can I participate with a team of less than 5 players?

  • How do I add a new member to my team ?

  • When will my cycle start?

  • What shall I do during the first month of the cycle ?

  • What shall I do during the seconds and third month of my cycle ?

  • What happens if a team member does not pass on the DOMINO box to the next player?

  • Can I exchange my turn with someone else from my team?

The domino app

  • What does it mean if my devices are disconnected ( devices marked with an 'x' )

  • When do I have to use the reset function ?

  • How can I control my devices remotely ?

  • Do I have to be connected to my private Wi-Fi to monitor my devices consumption ?

  • How will I have access to my electricity consumption data after my cycle ?

  • What can I do, if the devices and stats information of the previous player are visible in the app?

  • The DOMINO app consumes a lot of my smartphone's battery. What can I do to reduce this?

  • Which operating systems for Anroid and iOS are required by the DOMINO app?

  • My smartphone is too old to support the DOMINO app - what can I do?

  • Where do I find my Stretch ID in the app?

  • Where do I find my team name?

The domino box

  • What does the DOMINO box contain ?

  • When will I receive the DOMINO box ?

  • When do I have to pass on the DOMINO box ?

  • How do I pass on the DOMINO box ?

  • How do I return the DOMINO box to my local DOMINO organisation ?

  • Who is my local DOMINO organisation?

Using the domino system

  • How much electricity do the smart plugs and the stretch consume themselves ?

  • When does it make sense to replace an appliance with a more efficient one ?

  • Can I temporarily unplug a device connected to a smart plug ?

  • Can I temporarily switch off my router during my cycle (e.g. at night times) or does this prevent measuring my energy consumption?

  • Is it normal that my Smart Plugs are noisy?

  • Why is one Smart Plug grey?