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How to play?


DOMINO is the ultimate electricity saving game in your town.
It's played in a team of 5 households using smart plugs to compete against other teams in Brussels, Berlin and Naples.

Did you participate in Cycle #01 of the DOMINO Challenge? Did you return your smart plugs?

If not, please get in contact with the DOMINO Helpdesk via the contact form on this website, stating that you would like to send the smart plugs to us. We will help you get them back to where they belong!

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Who can play?

3 Cities Brussels • Berlin • Naples

4000 players From 3 corners of europe

TEAM OF 5 One player at a time

Do you live in Berlin, Naples or Brussels and are between 28 and 49 years old? Then DOMINO is just right for you!

DOMINO is a team game. You need to find one or more team members to play with you. One player starts, the others follow – that’s why we call it DOMINO! Each team member plays for 3 months, just enough time to save 10 % (or more) on your electricity bill; that means saving money with a fun activity!! Once you have registered, we will send you the state-of the-art equipment, a set of Smart Plugs that you will be able to connect to key appliances at home.
Oh, let’s not forget, you must download the app so you can start monitoring your electricity consumption and of course receive all our tips to save electricity!

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Beat the game

Once you start playing, you win because you save electricity! We estimate that up to 10-15 % of electricity will be saved by each player. But if you want to receive a prize, some special efforts are necessary.

What’s to win?

€500 per team in gift cerificates are to be won – you can use this money in electrical appliance stores to buy energy efficient equipment!

Among all the teams with 5 households who have successfully participated in the competition, we will choose 3 winning teams in each region. Each of the 5 households of the winning teams will receive a prize.-

We will reward the teams with the:

  1. Highest total amount of kWh saved, because it is great to have saved a lot of energy!
  2. Highest relative amount of kWh saved, because it is fantastic to have undertaken lots of efforts to decrease energy consumption, even if total savings may be limited.
  3. Highest amount of interaction on the App (clicks on feedback buttons), because we want to engage with you and learn about the usefulness of our tips.

While the challenge is based on the truthfulness of information you provide via the App, we will do a reality and coherency check on the electricity savings and clicks to prevent cheating ; ) If several teams have the same amount of savings or number of clicks, the winner will be drawn by lot among these teams.

Alright? Now start saving electricity!
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